Uber Is Hiring Engineers In India In Order To Cut Costs.

On Thursday, Uber announced that is looking to hire 225 engineers in India in an attempt to strengthen its core tech team in the overseas market. This bit of news comes months after Uber fired thousands of its employees around the whole globe. The ride-hailing firm is fighting a tough battle in India against its rival/competitor Ola.

On Thursday, Uber announced that it had hired Manikandan Thangarathnam. Before joining Uber, Mr. Thangarathnam served as the director of engineering at Amazon for a period of thirteen long years.

According to Uber, Mr. Thangarathnam has now been tasked with leading the firm’s ride leading the firm’s rider and platform engineering teams in Bangalore.

Uber’s decision to hire Mr Thangarathnam comes after it experienced several high-profile exits over the past few months. In the recent few months, several high-profile engineers have left the company to pursue a career at big tech companies such as Amazon and Google.

These high-profile exits have severely hurt the company’s operations in the country. Several of the engineers who have left the company shares the sentiment that the firm’s future prospects in the country were getting dimmer.

Uber announced that its tech expansion plans in the country were clearly in line with its aim to make mobility and delivery “more accessible”. Uber further added that it was planning to become the backbone of the transportation system in thousands of cities spread across the globe.

Recently, the firm has also admitted to hiring Jayaram Valliyur. Uber has hired Jayaram as a senior director who is going to lead the company’s global finance technology team. Prior to being hired by Uber to fill this role, Jayaram, too, worked at Amazon. He worked there for fourteen years.

Back in July, news broke out that Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi’s was planning to move engineering roles to India in an attempt to cut costs. According to numerous July reports, Khosrowshahi’s plan had sparked a lot of internal friction.

Thuan Pham, who used to Uber’s longtime chief technology officer before leaving the company earlier this year, warned that hiring more engineers so quickly in India would “require accepting lower-quality candidates.”

Both Uber and Ola claim to be the No. 1 ride-hailing service in India. However, Rajeev Misra, the chief of SoftBank Vision Fund, last month said that Ola was ahead of Uber by a small margin. To note here, Rajeev Misra is a common investor in both companies.