Mark Zuckerberg: WhatsApp Is Delivering 100 Billion Messages Daily.

Facebook‘s instant messaging app WhatsApp is now reportedly delivering around 100 billion messages daily. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke this bit of news at the quarterly earnings call that took place on Thursday.

To put it in perspective, such a huge volume of messages was shared by users on WhatsApp during last year’s New Year’s Eve. Users might be aware of this as on such occasions, WhatsApp usually suffers from glitches and technical bugs.

Because of this, WhatsApp has nobody else to compete with but itself. Prior estimates have suggested that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger together were used to deliver around 60 billion messages daily as of early 2016.

Back in May, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that iMessage and FaceTime were also experiencing record usage. However, he did not reveal details about the specific figures.

WeChat, an instant messaging app released by Tencent, has also 1 billion users recently. However, its is still lagging behind WhatsApp in terms of the sheer volume of daily messages.

Back in early 2014, users used WhatsApp to exchange around 50 billion text messages every single day.

During that time, WhatsApp’s total user base was less than 500 million users. In comparison, WhatsApp currently boasts more than 2 billion concurrent users. 

India so far is the largest market for WhatsApp by users. In India, WhatsApp’s popularity far surpasses the popularity of every other smartphone app. This also includes the Facebook app itself.

“This year we’ve all relied on messaging more than ever to keep up with our loved ones and get business done,” tweeted Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp.

“We are proud that WhatsApp is able to deliver roughly 100 billion messages every day and we’re excited about the road ahead,” said Cathcart.