Snapchat Launches Music Feature To Counter ByteDance’s Viral App TikTok.

This summer, Snapchat announced that that it was soon going to release a new music-powered feature that would allow the users to set their Snaps to music. And now, the company has finally fulfilled the promise by launching “Sounds on Snapchat”.

For now, this feature is only available on iOS. The feature allows users to add music into their Snaps. The users can choose their preferred music from a curated list of both emerging and established artists. According to a statement by Snapchat, the music can be added to Snaps either before or after the capture. It can be then shared without any limitations.

Furthermore, the user can also post the Snap to his or her story or share directly with friends. Snapchat has said that the music catalogue currently offers millions of licensed songs from numerous music industry partners.

Whenever users receive a Snap with Sounds, they can then swipe up to view the album art, the song title and the name of the artist. According to the company, there is also a “Play This Song” link available.  This link directs the user to his or her preferred music streaming platform.

This is a major feature that TikTok lacks. On TikTok, clicking on the “sound” feature takes the user to a page that shows other videos that have the same music. However, for now, the link feature is available on selected pages only. To celebrate the launch of this brand new feature, Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco’s new song “Lonely” has been offered as an exclusive in Snapchat’s Featured Sounds list today.

“Music makes video creations and communication more expressive, and offers a personal way to recommend music to your closest friends,” notes the company, in an announcement about the feature’s launch.

In order to power Sounds on Snapchat, the company has signed multi-year agreements with major and independent publishers and labels, including Warner Music Group, Merlin, NMPA, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Kobalt and BMG Music Publishing.

Snapchat has introduced this brand new music feature in order to counter the growing threat of the ByteDance-owned TikTok app. In a similar move, Facebook-owned Instagram also launched its “Reels” feature some time ago.