Erykah Badu and Elon Musk Test COVID Positive in Left Nostril and Negative in the Right.

On Friday the renowned singer Erykah Badu shared that she had tested positive for the coronavirus in her left nostril yet negative in her right. The same thing was reported about Tesla CEO and Space X founder Elon Musk.

Taking her confusion to online media, Badu disclosed the circumstances to her followers, that is, prior to shooting a progression of tweets as quick as the test outcomes. She wrote that her left nostril had tested positive and theright nostril, surprisingly, had tested negative. Attempting to downplay the circumstance the singer further said, possibly they have to call Swiss Beats so they can do a versus between them.

Getting two additional tests to guarantee she was free, Badu kept on giving her adherents access on her excursion while scrutinising the precision of the tests. “This is my third rapid test in 24 hours. SMH. It’s routine to take c19 test before a livestream broadcast for all band and crew. Earlier I took two and one was positive the other neg in separate nostrils?? We need to investigate these tests further. I want my money back,” she wrote in one of her posts.

She also posted a video of herself with the tweet as she attempted to downplay the circumstance while holding on to the test results to check whether she was really sure about them. Badu joked that she was relievedwiththe results, yet said that she was entirely frightened, in light of the fact that it would make her need to close down her show. It was only with the third test that she could confirm that she was totally and clearly negative.

This same anomaly was reported about Space X founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk on other occasions had also expressed cryptic statements about the severity of the novel coronavirus. Musk, who recently had a son with singer Grimes, followed up his tweet about the peculiar results of the test by asking his followers who “know a lot about the PCR testing industry” about the rate of getting a false positive during testing.