Annual Leonid Meteor Showers will Flash Across the Skies this Week.

Annual Leonids are again going to appear this November. Going by the reports, these meteors showers are peaking this week.

Scientists have traced the Leonids back to the comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle. And over the past couple of centuries, they have been putting on some intense shows in the form of meteor storms. These storms can produce hundreds of visible meteors per hour. 

According to the American Meteor Society, it is highly unlikely that we will ever witness such a storm in our entire lifetime. The most recent show was back in 2001 (scientists, though, do say that 2030 might witness a minor storm).

This year, however, around 15 meteors can be witnessed per hour at peak on Monday, Nov. 16 and Tuesday, Nov. 17. During this particular time frame, the moon will also not produce much interference. To note here, the Leonids are known for being consistently bright with some persistent trains. 

The best way to witness the Leonids is by venturing out in the early morning pre-dawn hours. One should also be close to the showers’ respective peaks as much as possible. One should also keep an eye on the constellation Leo as the Leonids will emerge from that section of the sky.