VHP-Bajrang Dal Protest Against Love Jihad In Silchar.

On Friday, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal protested in Silchar, against the heinous murder of Nikita Tomar in Haryana.

While protesting against the murder of the 21-year-old girl, who is allegedly killed by her Muslim lover, the VHP and Bajrang dal strongly condemned the continuing murder of Hindu youths by Muslims across the various states of India.

In the last month, another Hindu boy Rahul Rajput was killed in Delhi over his friendship with a Muslim girl by the family members of the girl.

On Friday, protesting against the ‘Love Jihad’ in Silchar, Shri Mithun Nath of Bajrang Dal said that love jihadis are very much active in Silchar as well. He said that many Muslim youths take up Hindu names for luring Hindu girls into relationships. In many cases, the Hindu girls are brainwashed for getting into a relationship with them.

Mithun Nath further added that the Police-Administration have also been reluctant enough in dealing against the love jihadis. He claimed that almost 20 cases related to love jihad have been registered in Silchar Police Station in the last one year but the police have not acted well in any of the cases.

This has angered the Hindus even more. The speakers in the protest asked the police and government to act strictly against the menace of love jihad. The VHP and Bajrang Dal shall fight against the love jihad with all their strength till the end, said Mithun Nath.