Protests Across Barak Valley Against Muhammad Cartoons.

As the world remains divided, struggling between Islamic Extremism and Freedom of Speech, the protests against French President and Charlie Hebdo continues to get reported from all across the world.

Inspite of India, US and even Saudi Arabia officially coming in support of France, condemning the extremist acts of killings and terrorism, the Muslim localities and Muslim dominated regions all across the world continue to hit the streets in protest against the French President.

Protests are also getting reported from several parts of Barak Valley, Assam where organisations from the Muslim community could be found railing against Charlie Hebdo and the French President.

On Friday, the Chandrapur area of Lala in Assam has remained witness toprotests by Muslims against the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad by Charlie Hebdo. The protestors also burnt down the effigy of the French President Emmanuel Macron and the national flag of France.

Similar protests were also arranged in Sonaiin Cachar district. The protests were arranged in front of the Mainul Haque Mukto Mancha. The Mainul Haque Mukto Mancha remained in the headlines, a few months back, because of the allegations of transforming a Durga Puja pandal area into a Community stage, named after a Muslim leader of Congress. The late Mainul Haque was also a Muslim League leader before independence. He joined Congress in the year 1951.

Protests were also arranged in front of a Masjid in Abdullapur on Friday. Muslim’s in Patharkandi’s Kotamoni also gathered in protest against the cartoons on Prophet Muhammad on Friday.