If BJP Returns to Power, All Muslims Will Have to Embrace Hinduism: Wazed Ali.

After series of communal statements by the Badruddin Ajmal, now the Congress MLA Wazed Ali Choudhury drops in with further fear mongering in order to consolidate and polarise the Muslim votes in Assam ahead of 2021 elections.

Congress MLA Wazed Ali said that Muslims in Assam will have to convert to Hinduism if the BJP manages to come back in power after 2021 elections. If Muslims won’t convert then they will be “forced to leave the nation”.

According to Wazed Ali, in such a case, azaan will be banned. Reciting Namaz will be banned. The Babri Masjid has already been demolished “with the support of the Supreme Court”. The Taj Mahal and Red Fort would also be demolished now as those are also owned by the Muslims, said the Congress MLA.

Wazed Ali further added, “The madrassas in Assam are running from the British period, much before the independence even. But the BJP government seeks to ban them using the Cabinet now. This anti-Muslim government is adopting laws one after another, against the Muslim community. Various conspiracies are getting plotted against the Muslim community.”

The fear-mongering in Assam has reached new heights in recent times. A few days back, AIUDF head Badruddin Ajmal said that the Muslims if would vote in favour of BJP, then the same BJP will push them inside the jails after coming back in power. The dignity of Muslim mothers and sisters would be looted away.