Police Probe Begins in Ichamati, NCPCR Issues Notice Alleging Institutionalised Brutality.

After much of ignorance and systematic harassment of the Bengali Hindus and other non-Khasi population in Ichamati and other adjoining villages in Meghalaya, the probe into the institutionalised brutality finally begins.

What was done earlier on the name of ‘probe into the violence’ was alleged to be a textbook example of how institutions are used to crackdown over the violence victims by the radical groups and insurgents, who even overpower the local administration.

Many alleged that the Christian majoritarian radical groups and insurgents, with little or no resistance from the Meghalaya government tried driving away the whole Bengali Hindu population out of Ichamati.

The Additional SP Jagpal Singh Dhanao has been entrusted with the duty to unearth the answers to the questions raised by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

The Meghalaya Police has to submit the report of the probe to the NCPCR within 7 October. According to the Meghalaya Police, 24 people were arrested in regard to the Ichamati violence and 6 are already released on bail.

However, many reports claim that the numbers of arrests are much higher than what is portrayed in the police report. Around 70 arrests have allegedly taken place just on the first day of the arrest drive in Ichamati violence.

There have been claims of extensive human rights violence and targeted attacks over the non-Khasi population in Ichamati by the radical groups. The business establishments belonging to non-Khasi’s were forcefully closed and the radical groups even began to act as law enforcement agencies and declared the licence for business illegal on their own choice and inspection.

In the absence of male members, who have either left the village in fear of the fake police actions or are already in jails, the women and children have been the prime victims of the radicals over the last many months.