China’s Unpopularity Has Reached A Record High.

In recent times, China has emerged as a nation that has earned the hatred of several nations. Even before the pandemic started, China had a reputation for being a bully. China currently has border disputes with numerous other countries.

From the ‘Tank Man’ incident to the gross human rights violation in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, China has always displayed its utter disregard for human lives. In addition to that, it has a reputation for IP thefts. And now, in a post-pandemic world, its reputation has further worsened.

In a recent global poll that Pew Research Center conducted, unfavourable views of China have reached historic highs in numerous countries across the globe. The majority of the people polled in each of the 14 advanced economies displayed negative views when it came to China and its tactics.

Pew Research Center has been pursuing this subject for years now. The poll noted that the negative perception of China is currently at the highest level. Pew added that in its more than a decade long run time, it has never seen so much negativity floating around when it comes to China.

The global poll showed that China’s unpopularity was at the highest level in nine countries, namely Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Sweden, and South Korea.

The poll noted that China’s unpopularity was the highest in Australia, which was expected given the recent friction between Australia and China. These nine nations were followed by Belgium, Japan, Italy, Denmark, and France.

The Pew Research Center revealed that a median of 73% of the people polled in these 14 countries displayed unfavourable views of China. The negative perception of China among the Australians was the highest, with 81% of the people polled feeling negative when it comes to China.

The unfavourable views of China are up by 24 points over 2019. However, Pew reveals that this was expected as the ties between these two nations had started deteriorating sharply last year.

The negatives views of China in countries UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the US, South Korea, and Spain have gone up by double digits over the course of one year.

China’s current unpopularity is in part due to the coronavirus pandemic. As per estimates, a median of 61% of the respondents from these 14 countries blamed China for the pandemic. The respondents explained that China had done a bad job when it came to curbing the spread of the virus.

China’s failure to curb the spread of the virus has also negatively affected the perception of President Xi Jinping. A median of 78% of the respondents replied that they had no confidence in the Chinese president. Most of the respondents doubted Xi’s ability to do the right thing in the current political climate.