Supporting Azad Kashmir Is Supporting Fascism.

Yudhishthira Topedar: Doesn’t it bother people that Hindus and Buddhists living in Jammu and Ladakh never seem to ask for ‘Azadi’ the way their Kashmiri Muslim brethren ask for it? Why is it that these indigenous minorities do not seek the so-called liberation that is apparently trying to preserve the local culture of Kashmir?

One is reminded of when the Nazi party said that Germany was under the thumb of League of Nations and that only Hitler and his forces could liberate Germany from the unjust rule of foreign powers. Was that form of independence justified in the light of the extreme and horrifying violence that befell the Jews and other minorities of Germany?

It is telling however that Hitler had found an ally in the Mufti of Jerusalem in the Islamic world which supported his extermination of Jews in Germany. The same impulse to eradicate kaffers or non believers was seen in the ninety’s decade when Kashmiri Hindus were raped and murdered publicly and bullied into leaving Kashmir but sans the company of their wives and daughters, who, it was a given in that same campaign, were for the militants to convert via forceful marriages, and sexual abuse and rape.

The call for Azad Kashmir is to establish a Dar Ul Islam in the state and impose Sharia laws on it; laws that technically allow the extermination of kaffers. It is clear that this call does not remotely address the interests of the Indic people living in that tumultuous geography and therefore any such call is against the very interests of the minorities whom the global left always talks about.

The “freedom fighters” for this cause are not from Hindu or Buddhist families and they are primarily out to slay infidels, and rightly so as per their belief system. The Indian state is one of the last refuges for people of the Indic civilisation – those who practice multiple forms of worship and existence and naturism.

The fact that hundreds of Hindu temples have been destroyed by the “freedom fighters” in the past few decades and that without the Indian army being stationed there the local Hindus and Buddhists would have been wiped out without a trace like the Jews of Germany shows people the true nature of Azadi in Kashmir. It is just another name for the imposition of a totalitarian state that oppresses minorities. The Indian state on the other hand, is the only moral authority that stands in the way of these colonisers demolishing the indigenous people of Kashmir.

The narrative by the Left has long been a perverted reasoning that seeks to bolster the views of their Wahabi overlords. It is time for Indic people to reclaim their own lands and be proud of their ability to resist fascism and colonisation. And the Indian state must be congratulated for preserving the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The global Left has long supported these fascists and one has to wonder how these hypocritical beings claim to be anti imperialist in their politics. If they truly resisted imperialism they would have raised the issues of Hindus and Buddhists being systemically exterminated in a state where Dalits like the Valmikis do not get jobs above the ranks of sweepers in the government.

The global Left has shifted its headquarters from Moscow to the American universities after the destruction of the fascist state of the USSR. And now it is heavily funded by Saudi Arabia which itself is another totalitarian state and the seat of Sunni Islam in many ways. The question is why the biggest violators of human rights are funding American universities in such an obscene manner? Is it an attempt to criticise all non-Islamic societies and uphold Islamic ones as being ideal under the garb of the social sciences? One has to wonder how the academic left overlooks the violence against Hindus and Buddhists in Pakistan, Kashmir, West Bengal and Bangladesh to name a few spaces that encourage ethnic cleansing.

The definition of fascism must be taught better in schools and the violence faced by “infidels” must be brought to light if the Indian state is to be committed to its founding values of democracy and pluralism. Or else, like the Hindus of Kashmir, the Indic people in the subcontinent will soon have to seek refuge elsewhere.