Century Old “Road of Bones” Discovered on A Frozen Highway in Russia.

Recently, a “road of bones” has been uncovered in Siberia. Russian officials have already undertaken an inquiry into the matter to find out how this trail of human skulls and other bones appeared on a frozen highway near Irkutsk.

The remains are speculated to be at least a century old. The bones were found buried in sand spread over a local road to improve grip on black ice. Speaking with Russian state television, a Kirensk city official told that till now, officials have discovered bones of at least three people. He also added that the bones may date back to  1917-22 Russian civil war.

Photographs of the frozen remains first came to focus when many people shared them on social media. Locals people initially argued that the bones had come from a nearby cemetery or from a ravine that might have been used as a mass grave.

Sharing the images on Facebook, Nikolay Trufanov, a local legislator for the ruling United Russia party wrote, “Sand with skulls and bones has been spread on the roads in Kirensk.”

“According to preliminary information, utility workers took sand from territory near a cemetery. I cannot even describe how monstrous it is,” he added.

Notably, from time to time, human remains have been discovered during construction and road works in Russia. They are mostly found near Second World War battle sites in the west of the country.

In a similar finding in 2014, the remains of at least 10 people were discovered during the construction of a local highway in Kursk region. They were suspected to have been Red Army soldiers. Again, in 2018, construction workers in the nearby area of Latvia unearthed human remains that ultimately numbered nearly 150.