The 9 Lesser Known Faces Of The Argentinian ‘Revolutionary’ Che Guevara.

Millions consider Che Guevara as a freedom fighter and a revolutionary. He is known to have stood up against the oppressors. However, a national hero in both Argentina and Cuba, Guevara is considered a terrorist in countries like the United States. Why is the difference in opinion so huge?

History Collection has published a list of 9 realities about Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara which is enough to vilify him and convince his followers that the man wasn’t an “idol”. The article has been written by Patrick Lynch.

A retribution demon:

After the downfall of the old Cuban regime, Castro and his supporters ran riot in the name of retribution. Among these supporters was Guevara.

While he was the governor of the prison in Santa Clara in 1959, Che committed massive bloodshed behind the prison doors. It is believed that under his governorship, several hundred people were executed. As per his followers, he granted pardon to as many people as he could. Che is known to have said, “A revolutionarily must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.” Guevara was also infamous for not giving any of the executed a fair trial. He wanted all the prisoners to know that he was an executioner.

A blood-thirsty killer:

Guevara did not kill people out of necessity, but because of the fact that he enjoyed shedding blood. He is known to have said about killing that his “nostrils dilate while savouring the acrid odour of gunpowder and blood”.

The creator of the Cuban equivalent of Soviet Gulags, Guevara did not spare anyone who got in his way. Businessmen, journalists, former colleagues, all became prey to Che’s blood-thirst if they refused to agree with him.

Absolutely no knows how many people Che executed during his lifetime. Some suggest the number might be in hundreds, while others say that it is in several thousand. The tally can be even larger as he liked to kill people himself.

A  fake Guerilla warfare expert:

Known to be a Guerilla mastermind, Che has no major victories to his name other than the anti-government strike at Santa Clara. In fact, many of his Guerilla missions resulted in utter failure. His forces were also humiliated in Congo (1965) and Bolivia (1967). For the 1965 defeat, Guevara blamed the incompetency of the Congolese rebels.

It is well documented that the latter resulted in his death. An overrated commander, Che had a very poor understanding of supply and logistics. Being extremely arrogant, he refused to listen to anyone else. This ultimately became the cause of his doom.

The mind behind the destruction of Cuban economy:

The economic situation of Cuba in no way improved after Fulgencio Bautista was dethroned in 1959. During the 1960s and further, Cuban economy was degrading year after year. It further degraded after Guevara was appointed the finance minister and the president of the National Bank.

Despite trying to eliminate social inequalities by nationalising banks, factories, and businesses, Che imposed work sanctions which backfired. Overall productivity in the workplaces deteriorated drastically. Because of all these reasons and his attention to unprofitable sectors, the economy of Cuba collapsed.

The country became a base for Soviet weaponry. In return, the USSR gave aid to Cuba. Without the aid, Cuba wouldn’t have survived. Cuba is known as the ‘Sugar bowl of the world’. But, duringChe’s tenure, the sugar production the country decreased by half in just two years.

A fake doctor:

Che Guevara is known to have travelled with the army of Fidel Castro as a medic. On the battlefield, he is said to have taken up the gun for the first time and displayed his prowess. However, like many scammers in the modern world, Ernesto never completed his medical education.

In fact, there is no evidence of him studying in a medical school or receiving a degree. While some believe that he indeed attended a medical school, experts say that he somehow managed to pass half of the total 30 subjects required to be a medical professional.

Only Che knows how he completed his medical education without ever attending med school. Maybe his followers will be able to shed some light on the educational background of Dr. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.

A racist:

“We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing,” said Guevara after the Cuban Revolution was won. With an attitude like slave masters, Guevara notoriously said, “The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meagre wage on frivolity or drink.”

Guevara is known to have had pathetic personal hygiene. Despite this, he frequently criticized and objectified blacks for being unhygienic. He is also known to have said that because of not bathing, the blacks where are able to maintain their racial purity.  Che also was of the opinion that Mexicans were illiterate Indians.

A homophobic:

The idol for many communists was a staunch homophobe. As a part of Che’s campaign, many gay people where thrown into prison for no reason. They were punished more severely in the prison under Guevara.

According to prisoners, gay people were treated like animals and given only the last morsels to eat. If a gay prisoner did anything against the prison laws, he was beaten like a rag doll.

The governor of Santa Clara prison was also instrumental in the establishment of the infamous Guanahachabibes camp. After being deemed unfit for service in the military, homosexuals were thrown into the camp. Calling them “Scum”, Guevara made sure that the gay prisoners were beaten, tortured, raped, and even murdered.

The Adulterer revolutionary:

Che was a complete man. However, in saying so, I meant that he had all the qualities required to be considered the worst sinner by the Catholic church. Apart from being a murderer, a racist, and a homophobe, Guevara was also known for his adultery.

The philanderer was known to have had multiple sexual relationships with the maids at his friends’ homes in Argentina. He was even called ‘fast rooster’ by his friends for forcing a maid to have coitus with him every time they appeared in his vicinity.

Che respected his opposite gender as much as respected blacks and gay people. Often calling girls who slept with him ‘whores’, Chetreated them as objects despite his intolerable personal hygiene which gave him the nickname “Pig”.

Guevara married several times and officially had 5 children. But, if his lust is to be considered, the numbers will easily cross double-digits.

Died a pathetic death:

The people who consider Guevara as their role model, believe that the revolutionary died a valiant death. However, that seems to be everything,but the truth.

Che died during the Bolivian Guerilla warfare in 1967. It is a common misconception that the Argentinian stood like a wall against the opposition fighters and greeted death.

But, in reality, by the time Guevara died, his condition was no better than a beggar. Devoid of all supplies, Che prayed for his life to be spared. Fortunately, his prayers were rejected.

How he got deserted by his allies is commonly known. His arrogance and disrespectful nature against the Bolivian rebels are to blame.

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