Non-Mizos Facing Exaggerated Brutality by Mizoram Police in Saifai.

After opening up the roadblock in Lailapur, the situation between Assam and Mizoram was expected to get stabilised but nothing seems to have actually settled down. Non-Mizos are now facing an increased level of brutality by Mizoram Police in the Karkat-Saifai border region and other places with non-Mizo population in the state. The violence is still continuing, and even growing beyond earlier limits.

On Thursday, some non-Mizo vehicle drivers tried to enter Mizoram from the Karkat-Saifai inter-state border in Dholai. They were stopped in the border for Corona test by the Mizo IR force. After hours of waiting, when the non-Mizo drivers were not getting their test reports, they tried to find out about the matter from the office room located in the vicinity of the border surveillance checkpost. The Mizo IR force retaliated heavily over the non-Mizos for this attempt and thrashed them mercilessly.

On getting thrashed, the angry non-Mizos returned back and informed the locals in Karkat-Dholakhal area. This in turn resulted in further escalation of tension in the inter-state border. The non-Mizos blocked the roads in Karkat-Dholakhal area. On getting this information, the Forest Minister of Assam, Shri Parimal Suklabaidya, Cachar DC Keerti Jalli, DIG Dilip Kumar Dey, SP B.L. Mina and other police official reached the spot. Parimal Suklabaidya assured the protestors that no one would be allowed to snatch away the land of Assam.

Apart from the Mizoram border debacle, a number of other situations in the Northeast of India can be cited where a constant hatred for non-tribal populations seems to be growing. In Meghalaya, Hindu Bengalis are being treated as “Bangladeshis”. The recent issue with the Ichamati-Bholaganj incident is a stark example of how ‘tribal’ populations are increasingly being swayed towards a belligerent othering from a pan Indian identiy.

Notably, most of these states are “Christian states”, meaning they have a predominantly Christian population led by evangelist and Baptist churches. With the recent legislations about the FCRA guidelines, many of these congregations’ flow of funds have been brought under the scanner of the Union government. One cannot but wonder if this present and unprovoked aggression by Mizo, Khasi and Garo miscreants is not a manifestation of that protective measure by the Indian State.