Greece: ISIS Executioner Arrested from Refugee Camp.

On 19th November, a 27-year-old Syrian citizen accused of involvement in the executions of an Islamic State group was arrested in a refugee camp in the Greek capital.

As per the Greek authorities, the suspect had been arrested earlier on the day in a camp in Athens and that the investigation was led by anti-terrorism police units. They didn’t name the person. He stayed with the police before his Monday appearance to respond to the charge.

According to the police, the man reached Greece in March 2018. He travelled from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos and then to Athens. They added that forensic experts have kept “digital records” of investigations into his criminal activities. The evidence included videos from his mobile device.

Reportedly, the suspect lived with his wife and five children in a container in an Athens camp, where he was subsequently arrested following a minor argument. He sustained minor injuries. Greek police did not provide detailed information about when and where the murders involving the suspect took place.

Amendments to the Greek Penal Code, adopted last year will now allow suspects to be accused of committing terrorist acts abroad and as members of a terrorist group based abroad.

In an official statement, the Greek police said, “The suspect…is accused of being a member of a terrorist organization and participating in acts of terrorism, with participation in multiple acts of willful homicide.”