FIR, Counter-FIR Registered in College Road Communal Clash: Silchar, Assam.

The case over a recent brawl that happened among students in Silchar’sCollege Road took a sudden turn on Thursday. On Wednesday, a Muslim young man registered an FIR in Silchar Sadar Thana complaining about some extremist elements who had beaten him up over his religious identity and “forced him to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’”.

However, on Thursday, another FIR was registered in Silchar Sadar Thana, which alleged that the same Muslim boy was actually eve-teasing two girls infront of Gurucharan College and he had even threatened them to forcefully kidnap them and to convert them to Islam.

The Muslim boy said in his Facebook post, “I am from Silchar, Assam. On 18th Nov, 2020 at 12:30pm I saw myself as the victim of religious violence. I went to G.C COLLEGE for some my personal work. After my work was done on returning home. Some of my friends called me from back and started talking with me. Suddenly some goons of Bajrang Dal came up to me and asked for my name and address. Answering to their questions (..), they slapped me and pushed me. I asked them why they were behaving like that. Again, they slapped me. I asked one of my so called friends to stop them. Then the goons said that what he will do, he is ours. Then they started beating me brutally by some wooden Sticks. Also, they forced me to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’.

He further added, “They did not listen to my words and went on hitting me from all sides. They also damaged my Scooty and by that time my head was bleeding profusely. There were many other people on the roadside who were watching but did not come to my help. At 4:40 pm the FIR was lodged but the police did not respond anything till now. Today I’m the victim and many more will be on the following days.”

However, one FIR filed on Thursday by a girl of Gurucharan College mentioned that it was this same Muslim boy used to eve tease her outside the college campus where he used to be present almost every day. He came to eve tease her, as well as other girls, as reported by students of the college, and even tried to catch the young girl’s hand to drag her away on Wednesday. When the girl did not respond to his cajoling, he became incensed at the rejection and abused her and her friend and also threatened to convert her to Islam. This was the summary of the complaint filed by the girl whose identity has been secured for her personal safety.

It is to be noted here that of late, in the wake of numerous incidents of sexual violence occurring all around in Barak Valley, the significance of the female student’s complaint has increased vastly. There have been other complaints about young Hindu women in Gurucharan College being pursued by a group of Muslim men who, like any other Indian youth couple in college, try to persuade the young women to enter into relationships with them. Though the so called “love jihad” angle is implied in this matter, yet till now no evidence of such inter faith sexual manipulation has surfaced.

Though it is well known that rogue elements in college campuses engage in bullying, as in case of the Muslim man mentioned above, yet it is also true that the prevalence of such attitudes or events is insignificant when compared to the abuse, both sexual and emotional faced by young women in India, especially in such close co-educational spaces as colleges and universities.

As of now, the Silchar Sadar Thana has declined commentary on the matter. However, active investigation about the matter is on. CCTV footage from Gurucharan College’s in campus surveillance cameras has been requested by the police already.